We specialize in the design and manufacture of various types of Probe Cards. A probe card is an interface between an electronic test system and a semiconductor wafer. Typically the probe card is mechanically docked to a prober and electrically connected to a test device. Its primary purpose is to provide an electrical path between the test system and the circuits on the wafer, thereby permitting the testing and validation of the circuits at the wafer level, before they are diced and packaged. It consists, of a printed circuit board (PCB) and various form of contact elements, usually metallic, but possibly other materials as well.

Our extensive range of high-performance probe cards is designed & manufactured to help lower production costs & improve productivity. Our product range includes both standard probe cards for wafer test and probe cards for special applications where "off the shelf" probe cards might not suit the specific requirements. We offer epoxy and blade probe cards. Applications range from multiple die, memory, radio frequency to logic and high voltage probe cards.


  • Provide interface for Logic device FT testing
  • Provide interface for Mixed Signal device FT testing
  • Provide interface for RF IC FT testing
  • Provide interface for other device FT testing


Parameter Units
mm inches
Layer Count 14 to 52 0.55 to 2.05
Base Materials FR-4,
FR-4 High Tg
FR-4 High Tg
Thickness Range 4.8 to 6.5 0.19 to 0.26
Conductor Width 0.075 0.003
Conductor Space 0.1 0.004
Hole Diameter ø 0.30 ø 0.012
Surface Treatment
(Hard Gold & Electroless Gold Plating)
1.3 μm 50 μm