Flex PCB Boards

From single-sided flex circuit boards to multi-layer PCBs, we have the capability to assemble & produce a wide range of flexible PCB designs to the highest standards. Our assembly process uses the highest quality PCB components available on the market, ensuring your flexible PCBs are reliable and cost effective. We offer a range of custom assembly options to make sure our finished flexible printed circuit boards meet your specifications and requirements. Our quick turn prototyping services will ensure your design iterations are performed rapidly. In addition to flexible PCB assembly, we can also design custom PCBs to your specifications and manufacture both small lots and large orders of flexible and rigid flex printed circuit boards. Designers benefit from design freedom, as they will have the opportunity to reduce the weight, enhance reliability & achieve reduction in space.

Product Variants

  • Single-Sided Flex Circuit Boards
  • Double-Sided Flexible Printed Circuit Boards
  • Multi-Layer Flex Circuit Boards
  • Rigid Flex Circuit Boards


High flexibility of the circuits permits them to be packaged, folded, and positioned around folds and edges. Typically useful for electronic devices that require connections in all the three axes.

Due to their thin and lightweight construction, the circuits permit a substantial decrease in the dimensions and weight of the devices.

Being flexible and lightweight in construction, flex circuits can absorb the effects of shock and vibration to itself and the solder joint connections. This helps improve the performance and reliability of the device & performance criteria of 200,000 bend cycles can be achieved.