We specialize in producing larger format printed circuit boards that are used as backbones for connecting several PCBs together to ultimately form a computer bus. Typically, they do not contain active components; rather, they serve as a connection centre between active duty PCBs. Our back plane PCBs often incorporate a wide variety of features including blind / buried vias, high-speed / high-signal integrity materials, back drilling, and controlled impedance.

Backplane PCBs form the backbone of a system such as control panels for various industrial, computing, & military use. They provide greater reliability in connecting multiple PCBs due to their static nature, as opposed to cables that need to be flexed every time a card is removed, thereby reducing the life of that component/connection.

We provide services from quick turn prototype through mass PCB production in Backplane board, meeting the customer lead- time to market requirements. We thrive in a high mix, quick turn environment.


Parameter Standard High Advanced
Layer Count (Max. Layers) 16 40 60+
PCB Size (Max.) 1100 mm × 500 mm 1200 mm × 550 mm 1200 mm × 630 mm
Thickness (Max.) 8 mm 10 mm 15 mm+
Outer Layer Line Width/Space 0.006" / 0.006" 0.005" / 0.005" 0.004" / 0.004"
Press-fit Hole Size Tolerance +/-2 mil +/-2 mil +2 / -1 mil
Through Hole Aspect Ratio 14:01 17:01 20:01
Drill Registration +/-5 mil +/-4 mil +/-3 mil
Buried Vias Yes Yes Yes
Blind Vias Layers n to n-1 Layers n to n-2 Layers n to n-3